How It All Started (Cont'd)

It seems like we all have those pivotal moments in our lives, that very moment you KNOW that your life has taken a turn in a different direction. For all of us at Eating You Alive, that moment began the Sunday morning we met with Dr. Michael Hollie, and culminated that Sunday evening after we had watched the Forks Over Knives documentary. Ah! The light bulb goes off, conviction sets in and a decision is made. We had just survived our first Whole Food Plant Based day without even meaning to!

We sat down and talked over the idea of trying this approach to nutrition and health with the whole team. It was decided that we were all in, at least long enough to see if the claims that had been made about this healthy lifestyle were true! It’s amazing when a group of friends (co-workers) decide to agree with your brand of crazy.

So, our healthy meals became an adventure. Whole Food Plant Based, no added oils and no processed sugars. Black beans over brown rice with loads of veggies on top, huge salads, greens, beans, roasted, charred corn, fresh jalapeños, tomatoes and spicy cilantro dressing, BBQ lentils, mashed potatoes with cashew gravy and garlic green beans with toasted almonds. We certainly were not left feeling hungry or deprived!

Within the first couple of days, two things were rather obvious: A) We didn’t feel so good, rather bloated and “rumbly”, and B) maybe a monogrammed sterling silver box of matches for each of us would have been a great company Christmas gift! Thankfully, after two weeks with lots of laughs, this phase (as well as other things) finally passed! What seemed to linger was the ability to eat all we wanted while losing weight, glowing skin (people commented) and an energy we hadn’t felt before! Hmmm, maybe there was something to this after all, but would it be sustainable, and what would we do during our next out of town shoot?’ll just have to wait and find out!



& the Eating You Alive team