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'Eating You Alive': New film claims plant-based foods could cure your ills

A new documentary called “Eating You Alive” claims you could reverse chronic health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity by eating plant-based, whole foods as our ancestors did thousands of years ago. Director Paul Kennamer and NBC News medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar join Kathie Lee and Hoda to discuss the film’s claims.

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Global News

Paul Kennamer, Jr., Dan and Sheanne Moskaluk join Global Morning News to talk about a documentary that may change the way you eat.

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Thom Hartmann Radio Show

Big Ag & The Politicians They Own Are Eating You Alive

Big Picture Interview: Filmmakers Paul David Kennamer Jr. and Merrilee Jacobs, Eating You Alive. Are Big Ag and the Food Industry - and the politicians they own - forcing us to eat ourselves to death? A documentary says “yes."

"Eating You Alive" Documentary Premiering

"Eating You Alive" is a new documentary film that examines why so many Americans are getting and staying sick, and explores whether there's any correlation to the kinds of foods they eat on a daily basis. The film also incorporates expert opinions from doctors and perspectives from several high-profile celebrities that believe one specific lifestyle change -- choosing whole, plant-based foods over animal products -- could be the solution.

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Make a Difference Monday: Eating You Alive

On this Make a Difference Monday, what we're eating is eating us alive. One expert even says probably 95 percent of America has no idea how to eat. And it is literally killing us. But if what we're eating is the problem, it can also be the solution. That is the powerful message behind the movie "Eating You Alive."  The critically acclaimed documentary is screening this week in Memphis.

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Mayim Interviews "Eating You Alive" documentarians Paul David Kennamer, Jr. and Merrilee Jacobs.

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A powerful new documentary, Eating You Alive, is giving us the information that Big Ag and Big Pharma don’t want us to have. 

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The filmmakers say they are on a mission to educate people, including people in the health-care industry, about the harmful effects of an animal-based diet and the benefits of a whole-food/plant-based one.

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Featuring leading medical experts and researchers, Eating You Alive takes a scientific look at the reasons we’re so sick, who’s responsible for feeding us the wrong information and how we can use whole-food, plant-based nutrition to take control of our health—one bite at a time.

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